Palma Deluxe

To explore the luxury stores in Palma is to enter a universe of exclusivity where fashion and style reach their maximum expression.

Paseo del Borne is the main artery of luxury shopping in Palma. Here, haute couture brands and renowned designers have their presence, exhibiting their latest collections in elegant and sophisticated showcases. From select fashion to high-end accessories, this boulevard becomes the perfect setting for lovers of the latest trends looking for exclusive pieces.

Avenida Jaime III is also an outstanding enclave for luxury shopping. This elegant avenue features international designer boutiques, renowned jewelry stores and stores displaying products from prestigious brands. As you walk down this avenue, the combination of stately architecture and high-end stores creates a unique atmosphere of sophistication.

The jewelry stores in Palma are also a must for those looking for exceptional pieces. Located in the heart of the city, they offer a selection of exquisite jewelry, from contemporary pieces to classic designs inspired by Majorcan tradition.

The streets of Palma's old town, while exuding historic charm, are also home to luxury boutiques in their corners. You will find boutiques with exclusive fashion and designer goods in a more intimate and personal setting.