15 Things to do in Palma


1.Visit the oldest circular-plan castle in Europe, the "Castell de Bellver".

The castle was built in the fourteenth century by King James II of Mallorca, and is one of the oldest circular castles in Europe. It currently houses the Palma history museum. From the terrace, you can enjoy stunning views of the entire city. It is only a 10 minute drive by car or bus from Hotel Horizonte.

 2.Take a trip through the patios of Palma to discover its beauty and history. 

In Palma, there are more than 50 typical Mallorcan courtyards that can be visited. They are the entrances of the houses of the Mallorcan nobility, and are characterized by their cobbled floor, their central well and their decoration with plants. They are located just 12 minutes away by car or bus from the Amic Horizonte Hotel.

 3.Enjoy an afternoon of shopping at the Porto Pi Shopping Center.

Porto Pi Centro is the main commercial center of Mallorca (a 5 minute walk from the Hotel Horizon) and has a great diversity of shopping, dining and leisure establishments. The center has 140 shops to look around, with some of these being places to eat in.

 4. Relax on the nearby beach of Cala de Mayor.

Just a 7 minute drive from the Hotel Amic Horizonte is the beach of Cala Mayor. An urban white sand beach that has showers, sun beds and umbrellas for rent.

 5. Plan a route through Palma to discover the most significant buildings.

Palma and Soller have the most emblematic, modernist buildings of Mallorca by artists as well-known as Gaudí. Can Corbella, the Gran Hotel, El Águila Stores, Forn d'es Teatre, Paraires Building, Can Forteza Rei, Can Casallas and Pensión Menorquina are some of the essential buildings on this route and are only 15 minutes away by car or bus from the Amic Horizonte Hotel.

 6.Try the typical dishes of Mallorcan cuisine at the Hotel Amic Horizonte.

Every Sunday of the year at the Hotel Amic Horizonte, you can enjoy an exquisite buffet with the most delicious Mallorcan dishes such as snails and suckling pigs etc. You will also get to enjoy the best views of the Bay of Palma.

7.Visit the Seu de Mallorca, the cathedral with the largest Gothic rosette in Europe.

The catedral, Seu de Mallorca, has a Gothic style and stands out on the Palma skyline. It is visible among the rooftops from many points of the city, especially from the terrace and the rooms of the Amic Horizonte Hotel. Formerly, it was directly reflected in the sea, and has the largest rose window in Europe. It is very close to the Amic Horizonte Hotel, by car or bus.  

8. Watch the sunset at the Parc de la Mar.  

The Parc de la Mar is a large urban park built on the sea next to the walls of Palma. It is a great place to enjoy the sunset while the imposing Gothic Cathedral of Palma is reflected in the waters of its large, artificial lake. In the Summer outdoor films are screened, and guests can pay to watch these. The Parc de la Mar is just a 7-minute drive from the Amic Horizonte Hotel.  

9.Enjoy a romantic dinner with the best view of the Bay of Palma.

The Hotel Amic Horizonte organizes romantic dinners with panoramic views of the Bay of Palma. You Will be able to see the city illuminated with its majestic Cathedral and the see cruise ships that dock at the Port of Palma.

10. Stroll through the fishing district of Portixol and enjoy Can Pere Antoni Beach.

It is the closest sandy beach to the center of Palma, and from it you have a fantastic view of the Cathedral. You can enjoy a walk through the Portixol neighborhood, well known for its restaurants and terraces. It is just a 12 minute drive from the Hotel Amic Horizonte, you can also reach this beach by public transport easily.

 11. Visit the workshop, the house and the museum of the artist Joan Miró in Mallorca.

The Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation of Palma de Mallorca is one of the few museums in Spain that shows the work of Joan Miró, and the place where he created it. The foundation is just a 5 minute drive from the Amic Horizonte Hotel.

12. Discover the Playa de Palma.

The Playa de Palma is formed by different neighborhoods such as Can Pastilla, El Arenal, Coll de Rebassa or El Molinar. Here you can enjoy long, white, sandy beaches that are ideal for water sports or outdoor sports such as cycling, mini golf or tennis. At night, it is an area with a lively nightlife and a variety of restaurants. It is located about 4 kilometers from the Hotel Amic Horizonte, and is easily reached by car or bus.

 13. Enjoy a bike ride in front of the sea from Palma to Can Pastilla.

This bike route through Palma is perfect for the whole family. It runs along the Paseo Marítimo de Palma, passes in front of the Parc de la Mar, continues through the fishing districts of Portixol and El Molinar, and continues to the beach of Can Pastilla. During this route you can enjoy the landscape, its restaurants and terraces, its beaches and its wonderful sunsets facing the sea. In the hotel we have rental bicycles for our guests to use.

 14. Bathe in the crystalline waters of Illetes.

Very close to Palma is Cala Comtessa and Illetes beach, two small, white, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters where you can relax and enjoy the scenery. By car, it takes less than 15 minutes from the Hotel Amic Horizonte .

 15. Enjoy a cocktail or a mojito with the best views of the Bay of Palma.

The Balinese beds or the chill out bar at the pool of the Hotel Amic Horizonte are the ideal place to relax and enjoy a delicious beachfront cocktail with unbeatable views of the Bay of Palma.

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