Can Pastilla

Can Pastilla, just over 2 km away from the airport, is an area framed within the area known as Playa de Palma. It is linked to the city of Palma by an extensive beach and a bustling promenade, ideal for walking or cycling with fabulous views of the Mediterranean. In Can Pastilla is the Palma Aquarium, a fascinating aquarium that offers a unique underwater experience and very close is also the Aqualand El Arenal, a water park where you can have fun between pools and slides.

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Palma Beach

Can Pastilla is part of the extensive stretch of sand known as Playa de Palma, a coastal area attached to the capital of Majorca that is perfect for enjoying the sun and sea without straying too far from the center. The beach offers services such as sun loungers and umbrellas for rent and you can walk along its emblematic promenade.

palma aquarium amic hotels palma de mallorca

Palma Aquarium

A must for lovers of marine life. Palma Aquarium is an impressive aquarium that immerses visitors in a fascinating underwater world, through glass tunnels surrounded by sharks and various marine species. In addition, Palma Aquarium offers interactive and educational experiences for the whole family.

torre den pau palma de mallorca amic hotels

Torre d'en Pau

La Torre d'en Pau is an ancient defense tower located on the coast of Can Pastilla. Built in the 17th century, it is part of the system of coastal watchtowers that were erected to defend the island from possible pirate raids and maritime attacks. It has a circular structure and is built with local stone. Although it is not open to the general public, its historical presence and architecture make it a fascinating landmark.

Commercial and gastronomic area can pastilla amic hotels

Commercial and gastronomic area

The urban core of Can Pastilla is home to a lively shopping and dining area. Discover local stores, boutiques and restaurants offering everything from artisanal products to local and international gastronomic delights. The mix of tradition and modernity creates a cozy atmosphere.

Parish of San Antonio de la Playa can pastilla amic hotels

Parish of San Antonio de la Playa

This church of simple but charming architecture is a landmark in Can Pastilla. Built in the mid-20th century, San Antonio de la Playa is a place of worship and also an architectural landmark worth exploring.

Nautical activities amic hotels palma de mallorca amic hotels

Nautical activities

Can Pastilla, with its privileged location by the sea, offers a variety of nautical activities. From water sports such as windsurfing and paddle surfing to boat trips, Can Pastilla is ideal for those seeking adventure on the water.